Before you get ImplantsAce Implantologist Mark Anthony Bartell,  famous across North America, wrote this candid note to prospective implants patient on a Facebook post. He bares a lot of truth and a lot of marketing notions are dispelled. Every person looking to consider implants must read this.

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Word of advice to everyone here getting inplants. Dr’s have been placing implants for over 40 years. Technology has advanced so much during that time. We now have Dentist placing implants from taking 1-2 day courses.

Here is a question: Would you let a heart surgeon work on your brain? Or an optometrist work on your broken Leg.

One of my professors in Implantology/perio/prostho specialization who has gone through placing implants since the beginning said: “Any Monkey can place implants, but are they doing it right?” He has had many failures in the past due to mal-position, diagnostic, etc…

Now a days people (you guys) are more concerned with the brand of implants being placed in the mouth. Or how quick the job will be done. Immediate loading l, etc… same with dentists with failures, oh it’s the implants fault, now I am only using Straumann or Nobel and will have no failures yet they still do. The brand of an implant has NOTHING to do with if it will work or not, if it’s FDA approved all new implants are basically the same, some are just different shapes, some more conical, tapered, very aggressive, straight, short (bicon)… they all have the same SLA treatments which were not standard before. Some even have calcium hydroxide based layering tech for supposed better adaptation. Dio now with their new implant that is UV scanned to activate implant properties that will make the implant fuse faster, etc marketing and more $$$$ .. Point is, an implant is an implant, if it’s made of Titanium, It is most likely acid etched and sand blasted and even with antimicrobial agents, calcium hydroxide coatings etc…

Unless your dentist is still using External Hex implants, they are still stuck in the past.

implants with the right techniques and positions and you putting your care on the implant as well will have no rejection.

Before someone brings up saying  Zirconia Implants are better. Sure, as well as it’s fracture rate. Pay double for a “better” implant and then it breaks. Titanium implants are BIOCOMPATIBLE with your body.

Sometimes I leave my patients without teeth for 3-9 months (3 using PRF technology), why because of the vertical/horizontal bone augmentation because their bone was too thin to support an implant or maybe a simultaneous implant plus bone graft can be done. It’s all case to case basis. Zero pressure must be placed on an implant site with simultaneous bone augmentation or you will loss all that bone during its adaptation period.

Most patients who need implants are because they didnt take care of their teeth or systematic infection or a mix of both. A smoker plus non medicated diabetic.

Any implant placed today, if your Dr. Doesnt do a CBCT scan, I would just walk away. I have Seen too many failure that could of been avoided by other Dr’s that the xray would of helped them do a correct diagnosis.

Then afterwards I see the patients and their new scan and have to charge them a lot for bone surgery before even placing the implants. An Implant cost not relative here. And they end up being finished in 1 year so instead of a few months.

The same $40-60 implant that is sold in Israel is sold for 300-500 dollars over here dobro FDA regulations, etc… . Importation costs etc….. labels are changed as well. That estera implant is now called biohot or something for example with new English literature saying black bl bla bla.

Were bone grafts placed, was a post OP 3bct scan take months later to see the new bone growth results? Was A-PRF used, what material were used all have an effect.

In end now a days an implants fails mainly because it wasn’t diagnosed correctly. Most Dr’s who don’t adapt to CBCT scan is because they don’t want to learn the software, they don’t have a good enough computer system required by some of these top end CBCT scans, they think they are gods, they “don’t” have to time… etc…

And now we got the Digital Implant placement technology, different concept although I personally stick to the gold standard CBCT, will use the digital implant placement only once I am satisfied the patients bone is ready and in those cases where 6+ implants are going to be placed which can be in and out in 60 minutes….

I got my gaming laptop hooked up to a small 32 inch TV at the office and a Custom gaming Desktop connected to a 60 inch TV at home which the TV is do for an upgrade, say to a 70 at least!

Implant failure is mostly due to the Dr. But if your have a bad colesteral level, aren’t taking the correct bone supplements, smoking all the time, uncontrolled diabetes, that’s your faults.

Now a days Implants don’t fail just because…..

Plus what specialist did you use. A general dentist with a few days in a course, a Periodontist, a prosthodontist, an oral surgeon, a maxilo, a self proclaimed implantologist, or the newer breads, perio/implant specialist, prostho/perio specialist, prostho-implant specialist, Implantologist….

They the older breads unless they stay up to technological advances are no where close to the new breads which are taught multiple arts of dentistry….

No CBCT scan with actual planning and you being as healthy as possible, blood work etc.. why even spend the money in the first place.

As of yet I continue my 100% success rate, sure it’s bound to happen sooner or later but ad long as I follow MY protocol which may take longer than another dentists I am happy. If the patient doesn’t like my diagnosis and surgical procedures I have to do plus the time frame to place a aesthetic implant than that is fine they can go to another Dr, a few month later they always come back with a shitty face. Saying should have listened.

Do your research before getting an implant placed. Sure you might be comfortable with the dentist who you have been going to for 20 plus years and they might be the best damn dentist you know but how good are their skills in implantology, it’s a whole different animal, multiple specialties in one.