Dental Implant Brands

Dental Implant Brands

Dental Implant Brands

Dental Implant Brands : There always has been a debate, if dental implant brands matter or if one dental implant is better than other. At Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics with years of experience in implant dentistry has seen that, it is not the brand per-se but the right type of implant matters more. If it is a case of immediately placement of implant after extraction, active design should be selected. If conservation of jaw bone is needed, special implant which prevent bone loss should be chosen.

It is also a fact that some dental implants like Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants promote faster bone regeneration and integration, this is because of special chemical coating on the surface of the implants.

Dental Implant Brands With Us

At Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, nearly 16 dental implant brands are available

Titanium Implants

Titanium is a type of metal often used in dental implants because its properties are known to fuse well with human bone. It has been used for decades, and it’s so strong and lightweight that surgeons use it for hip and knee replacements.

Israel Made

  1. Adin Implants
  2. Top Implants
  3. Alphabio Implants

Korean Made

  1. CWM Implants/ Cowel Medi
  2. Osstem Implants
  3. Megagen Implants
  4. Dentium Implants
  5. Dio Implants

American Made

  1. BioHorizon Implants

Sweden Made

  1. Nobel Biocare

Swiss Made

  1. Straumann Implants

Zirconia Implants

Although zirconia has not been used in implant dentistry as much as titanium, it’s still a viable option. It hasn’t been used enough to tell what its long-term effects are. The dental industry in the United States has been using them only since 2007 and in Europe since the 1980s.

Zirconia, which is a metal-free crystal material, is usually a one-piece implant that’s inserted into your jawbone, as opposed to titanium implants, which usually have three parts.

  1. WhiteSKY Implants
  2. Ceraroot Implants

Dental Implants brands should not be of importance to patients rather than, right evaluation of their situation, right placement, right angulation of the implant post is more important. These factors also determine how the final prosthesis or crown is fitted on to the implant, which helps in right function i.e – chewing and speaking.

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