Dental Implant Cost in Gurugram

Dental Implant Cost in Gurugram : Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics in its quest to keep dental implant prices open and maintain transparency, publishes all the dental procedure cost in Gurugram.

Whether you are looking for cost of sinus lift surgery or cost of bone grafting or cost of Nobel Biocare implants in Gurugram no need to look any further.  The cost below includes dental implant prices as well as dental implant surgery cost.

Dental Implant Package Cost


Implant Complete Package (Implant + Crown

Cost of Single Tooth Implant including with Dental Cap – ALL IMPLANTS HAVE LIFE TIME WARRANTY

Silver Package

(Value Segment – good for young population with overall good health single implant cases. Old patients, smokers, diabetics, multiple implants should  be avoided)

Rs 23,990/-
    • Adin / Nova / Norris / Impact / AB dent / Alpha Bio
    • Ceramic Crown/Cap
    • all x-ray (IOPA)
    • Surgery
Gold Package

(Mid segment Korean Brands, good for compromised cases, old patients, long lasting, no loss of bone, faster bone regeneration, recommended where multiple implants are to be placed)

Rs 33,990/-
  • Dio / Dentium / Osstem / CWM / Megagen
  • Ceramic Crown/Cap
  • all x-rays (IOPA)
  • Surgery
Platinum Package

(State of art premium European Brands, Nobel Biocare – inventors of implants, Zimmer can get final teeth in 6 weeks, excellent results with low bone also)

Rs 39,990/-
  • Nobel Biocare  / Zimmer TSV / Straumann
  • Ceramic Crown/Cap
  • all x-rays (IOPA)
  • Surgery

We prefer Active Implants they have sharper grooves and bone growth around them faster than regular implants. These are suggested to patients who have general weak health, bone density is low, or quality of bone is not good or porous bone.  Active implants provide better stability.

 Additional Cost (optional – if you already have, can be used)

  1. Blood Test – Rs 1000/-
  2. CBCT X-ray – Rs 2200/-

Read This Before you get Implants :  What Should You Know 

Dental Implant Cost in Gurugram

Economy, Deluxe & Superior Implants

Economy – Dental Implants

Adin (Israel)Rs 18990/-
Top  (Israel)Rs 18990/-
Nova (Israel)Rs 18990/-
ABdent (Israel)Rs 18990/-


Deluxe – Dental Implants
Alphabio (Israel)Rs 26000/-
CWM (Korean)Rs 26000/-
Biohorizons (USA)Rs 26000/-


Superior – Dental Implants
Osstem (Korea)Rs 27000/-
Ossfit (Korea)Rs 27000/-
Dentium (Korea)Rs 27000/-
DioNavi (Korea)Rs 27000/-
Premium – Dental Implants

 Premium – Nobel Biocare Dental Implants (Sweden)

 Premium – Nobel Biocare Dental Implants (Sweden)

 Premium Dental Implants
Nobel Biocare (Sweden) Replace (NRT)/(NRC)Rs 36000/-
 Groovy (NRGC)Rs 38000/-
 Nobel Biocare ActiveRs 40000/-
Bio-xellent (France) Bio-xellent Active ImplantRs 40000/-
Zimmer Biomet (USA) Zimmer Biomet ScrewventRs 40000/-

Active Implants provide faster and better integration with bone, are used when bone density is low or implants are being placed immediately after extraction of tooth.

Ultra-Premium Dental Implants
Straumann- Dental Implants (Swiss)
Standard Plus  – Gum Level
 Titanium SLARs 45000/-
 Roxolid SLARs 47000/-
 Roxolid SLA  ActiveRs 55000/-
  Tapered  – Bone Level
 Titanium SLARs 50000/-
 Roxolid SLARs 55000/-
 Roxolid SLA  ActiveRs 60000/-
All-on-4 Implant System & Crowns (Per Jaw)
All – on -4 System uses 4 implants strategically placed on which an arch is placed with crowns. These are permanently fixed for life time. These are like natural teeth.
 Implants Brands
Israeli Implant SystemRs 140000/-
Korean Implant SystemRs 150000/-
Nobel Biocare (Sweden)Rs 220000/-
  Prosthesis (Crowns)
Case specific – please request for a quote
All-on-6 Implants & Crowns (Per Jaw)
All – on -6 System uses 6 implants strategically placed on which an arch is placed with crowns. These are permanently fixed for life time
 Implants Brands
Israeli Implant SystemRs 160000/-
Korean Implant SystemRs 180000/-
Nobel Biocare Active (Sweden)Rs 250000/-
  Prothesis (Crowns)
Case specific – please request for a quote
Implant Overdentures
Implant Over-Dentures unlike regular dentures which are not fixed, these dentures are fixed using snap on button type arrangement. These are to be removed in the night. They provide stability and dentures DO NOT COME out while eating, laughing, sneezing etc.
 Implants & Accessories
Maxillary/ Upper Over denture 4 Implants of any brand
Mandibular/ Lower Over denture 2 Implants of any brand
Stud/ Ball / Locator Attachment per pieceRs 5000 – Rs 20000/-
Nylon cap & Housing (per brand)Rs 2000 – Rs 7000/-
Upper and Lower Dentures Full SetRs 6000/- on wards
U/L Dentures Set with Ivoclar teethRs 12000/- on wards

Cost of Bone Graft in Gurgaon

Bone Graft
Bone Graft – Tru BoneRs 7000/- on wards
Bone Graft – Nova Bone SyntheticRs 10000/- on wards
Gum Graft – AllodermRs 15000/- per tooth

Cost of Sinus Lift Surgery in Gurgaon

Sinus lift Surgery
Sinus Lift Surgery – DirectRs 25000/- on wards

Dental Crown Prices (click here)

For Dental Implant Crown Cost Calculation : Look up the above link and add  Rs 1500 – Rs 3000/- to the regular crown cost basis type of crown. Implants Crowns are made with fused abutments which can be fixed over the implant post placed in the bone.

List of Other Dental Procedure Charges

Loan for Dental Implants @ 0% EMI