Full Mouth Implants

Full Mouth Implants


Full mouth implants refers to full arch restoration, which means using implants to get 12-14 teeth. So that there is ease in eating, chewing food, better appearance, face looks full and no speech issue due to missing teeth. Full mouth implants is required for following type of patients.

  • Complete Denture Wearing Patients :  who wear complete dentures either on the upper of the lower jaw. Denture is not fitting well as the bone has gone down or denture slips, comes out, difficult to bite and chew food
  • Most Teeth Missing : Such patients have lost most of the teeth but some natural teeth are remaining or natural teeth are in bad condition

Types of Full Mouth Implants

Primarily there are 02 techniques to give 12-14 teeth on each jaw, these technique differ in terms of,

  • Removability :  if teeth needs to be removed and are patient removable or completely fixed and can be removed only by the doctor.
  • Attachment : how teeth are attached to the implants, using  a screw or an attachment

There are 02 types

  • Semi Fixed – Full Mouth Implants
  • Fully Fixed – Full Mouth Implants

Semi Fixed – Implant Overdentures

Semi Fixed Full Mouth Implants

They are also called Snap-On dentures or implant overdentures, because they use regular dentures (better quality, long lasting). For these full mouth implants, in upper jaw 04 and in lower jaw 02 implants are recommended.
On top of implants a ball attachment is fixed can receive the denture which has nylon cap which fits over the ball. Just like other dentures, these dentures must be removed in the night.


  1. Dentures never get loose or slip or come out
  2. Low investment, no extensive procedure
  3. Can be done in stages, get accustomed to dentures and later can be fixed with implants


  1. Denture-Implant connector mechanism wears out due to usage and may need replacement in 5-7 years
  2. Removing are fixing every time may be cumbersome for patients

Fully Fixed Implants / All on 4

Fully Fixed Full Mouth Implants

This technique was developed by Dr Paulo Malo on nobel biocare implants. It uses 04 implants to provide 12-14 teeth as per space on a single jaw. Teeth are placed on a metal frame, which is connected to the implants underneath using multiunit abutments.

Many patient confuse these teeth as dentures, which is not the case. There is a metal framework gives additional strength and stability just like natural teeth. Dentures feel big in mouth because the palate area (pink portion) is too wide to give support where as all on 4 prothesis (teeth) have narrow area mostly on the ridge.


  1. Completely fixed just like natural teeth
  2. Smaller expanse unlike denture which feel bulkier in teeth
  3. Unlike bridges – food doesn’t go underneath prosthesis
  4. Very high esthetics looks like natural teeth
  5. Even if bone is low (in upper jaw) sinus lift surgery can be avoided


  1.  Can take up to 5 months to get final prosthesis.

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